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Can the Desalination of Ocean Water Quench our Thirst?

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By Margot Shellgren I had a college professor who loved to discuss ideas on how to "save the world".  One memorable topic was, how can we make hydrogen fueled cars safe for the environment? Desalinating ocean water was one of our ideas. Breaking down the ocean water into its elements; salt, oxyg

What has the Department of Environmental Protection done for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2014?

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Every year the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) composes a list of their accomplishments, so the tax payers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can see what efforts are being made.  Some of the topics that we found particularly intriguing are; “ The growth of Solar Ener

Oil Tank Removal VS. Oil Tank Abandonment

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How do you heat your home? If you use oil to heat your home, you most likely have a large oil tank sitting in your basement, known as an aboveground storage tank (AST). While not common, some homeowners source their fuel for home heating through an underground storage tank (UST), which sits hidden i

How should I safely dispose of my household hazardous waste?

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The weather is starting to warm up, which means spring cleaning is right around the corner. There is no better feeling than smelling the fresh air circulate through your home, and purging all the unnecessary items you’ve been collecting over the year. Most of the cleaning is self-explanatory. Dona

What is Massachusetts’ Progress towards Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions by 2020?

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After the record breaking winter New England has suffered, and the historical drought California is currently enduring, it has many wondering, “Is this global warming taking effect?”  While there is a lot of debate on the topic, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is in full swing trying to reduc

Proposed Pipeline in Massachusetts

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There has been a lot of discussion about a proposed gas pipeline making its way through Massachusetts. This pipeline affects many communities including towns in our surrounding Counties, such as Middlesex, Essex and Worcester County to name a few. This pipeline will be a main supply route for na

Can I Empty My Oil Tank & Leave Underground?

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If you own an underground oil tank, it is possible for you to have it emptied by a professional and left safely underground. The Legislature passed a State Law in 1996 that requires both aboveground and underground tanks to be cleaned and purged of vapors.  If left in place, the vent line has to be

When should oil tanks be replaced or removed?

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Did you know that 50% of the US population relies on groundwater as its source of fresh drinking water? This is why regulations on underground storage tanks (USTs) are detailed and strict. A responsibly managed UST poses no threat to the environment.  As of September 30, 2014, there are 3,840 activ

Don’t Suffer from Oil Leaks

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With winter in full gear, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has issued some safety guidelines to ensure homeowner’s don’t suffer from home oil leaks.  Is your home older, do you have an old delivery line? Check with your local oil burner technician. They can check your li