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Underground Tank Closure in Place

An alternative to underground storage tank removal is tank abandonment or “closure-in-place”.  To completely remove the tank is often the safest option. However, structural considerations and underground utility placement don’t always allow for this option. Closure-in-place can offer a cost effective solution.

Closure-in-place involves leaving a UST in the ground and filling the tank with a non-hazardous substance, such as sand or concrete slurry. Prior to closure of the tank, soil sampling is performed to ensure there hasn’t been a leak.  Any soil contamination must be handled before tank abandonment can begin. The tank is then cleaned of all liquids, hazardous vapors, and sludge. It is bad practice to fill an abandoned tank with water. Since metal tanks are prone to corrosion, this method only causes the tank to corrode faster.  Any metals or materials absorbed in the water will eventually leach into the soil.  This is why tanks are filled with sand or concrete slurry to prevent a collapse. PMSI offers the safest technology and practices to keep your company and our environment safe from damage.

Petroleum Management Services works with Federal, State and Local regulations in regards to all of our tank services. To learn more about Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations regarding Tank Abandonment, check out the DEP website here.

PMSI has been handling tank abandonment for over 30 years and our highly experienced technicians can walk you through the process to find an option that best fits your needs. Call us at 781-245-3305 for a consultation today.