Acid Neutralization Tank Cleaning for School Laboratories

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Acid Neutralization Tank Cleaning for School Laboratories

Many schools and universities rely on neutralization tanks to alter the pH level of corrosive waste drainage, typically from chemicals utilized in chemistry labs, in order to treat effluents so they can be safely discharged into sanitary sewer systems in accordance with local regulations. Periodic acid neutralization tank cleaning is also critical to minimizing liabilities associated with chemical and gas exposure to students and staff. These tanks typically accomplish pH neutralization by either dilution or limestone media.

In the process of neutralizing acids, limestone eventually becomes spent and the tank stops neutralizing material, causing waste to sit idle in the tank. Limestone tanks should be recharged every one to two years (depending on use) in order to maintain safety and the integrity of the neutralization tanks.

PMSI assists many schools and universities in the Greater Boston area with specialized capabilities for limestone media tanks including:

  • Cleaning of neutralization tanks
  • Spent limestone and sludge removal
  • Tank wash down
  • Installation of new limestone
  • Transportation and disposal of waste

Our staff is fully trained in the manual removal of replacement limestone, including situations where confined space entry permits and procedures are required. Additionally, our process includes flushing the tank and associated lines and vacuuming out sludge and water to remove residual contamination.

PMSI is standing by to assist your school system or university with this critical service.

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