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Third Party Tank Inspections

According to Massachusetts Regulation 527 CMR: 9.07

Prior to August 8, 2010, and as a minimum once every three years thereafter the owner/operator of every underground storage tank shall at his/her own expense cause said tank(s) and related piping to be inspected by third-party inspector, as defined in 527 CMR 9.02.

Petroleum Management Services is a certified Third Party Tank inspector and we offer licensed professionals to test your fuel tank along with related piping and fuel detection mechanisms.

If you are installing a new tank a similar regulation applies in 527 CMR: 9.07

Effective August 8, 2007, every newly installed underground storage tank and related piping shall be inspected by a third party inspector, as defined in 527 CMR 9.02 , at the time installation is completed.

With Petroleum Management Services as your environmental contractor, we can install your tank and inspect it for you as well.  Our third party inspectors will conduct an inspection of your underground storage tank system’s components in accordance with the manufacturer’s inspection instructions and state regulations.

There are two exceptions to the state regulations that do not require Third Party Tank Inspections. Residential oil tanks used for heating fuel, or tanks under 1,100 gallons on a farm or a residence used for fueling non-commercial machinery.  Let us help keep you in compliance in the state and give you peace of mind knowing that your tank is in peak condition.

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