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Fuel Tank Cleaning

It’s common knowledge that an oil change in your car is one of the most important preventative measures one can take to ensure a well running engine. It keeps the sludge from building up. The clean oil keeps the motors running smoothly. Over all, regular maintenance ensures a longer lasting machine.

The same can be said for commercial sized oil tanks. Over time the tanks become contaminated with solids, water and sludge. Trying to pass these contaminants through to your boiler or generator can lead to equipment failure. With proper preventative tank cleanings, Petroleum Management can save you time and money of having to repair machinery.

Petroleum Management Services specializes in commercial fuel tank cleaning in the Greater Boston area as well as New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  Our team will efficiently pump out all the fuel into a holding tank, before performing confined space procedures and cleaning the tank of any debris and sludge. Added services include oil analysis/testing and tank inspections.  Let us help you prolong your tanks lifespan with periodic cleaning.

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