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Annual Automatic Tank Gauge ( ATG ) Inspection & Certification

Petroleum Management Services Inc. has over 25 years of experience with tank monitoring electronics. We have certified technicians for Veeder Root and Omntec Systems with expert knowledge for the following fuel management and tank monitoring systems:

  • Veeder Root Fuel Tank Monitoring Systems
  • Preferred Utilities Gauging Systems
  • Pneumercator Liquid Level Control Systems
  • InCon Tank Monitoring Systems
  • Omntec Tank Monitoring & Leak Detection Systems

Our technicians are certified to install, repair, program and inspect; TLS 300 Series, TLS 350 Series, TLS 4, TLS 450 series and TLS 450 + Veeder Root Systems, Pneumercator Systems and Incon Systems.  We work with local, state and federal regulations as well as manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your tank monitoring system is functioning properly and in full compliance.

Petroleum Management also provides annual tank monitor inspections and certificates in accordance with 310 CMR 80.26. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requires an annual inspection of tank monitoring systems for all regulated underground and above ground storage tanks. Our tank monitor inspections include the following:

  • Verify operation of probes and sensors
  • Verify proper calibration of inventory systems
  • Verify operation of console and programming
  • Verify proper function of overfill alarm
  • Inspect system wiring to identify deficiencies or issues.

For more information on state regulations, please visit the Mass DEP website here.

For information on Federal UST regulations visit the EPA website here.

If you have questions or inquiries regarding our tank monitoring services, please contact our team at 781-245-3305.