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Underground Storage Tank Removal

Most underground storage tanks (USTs) will need to be removed from the ground eventually.

Whether your tank has reached the end of its service life, is being replaced with a new UST or AST system, or your facility is converting to an alternative fuel source, PMSI can help.

Our construction department’s experienced project managers, site foremen, and technicians have completed hundreds of underground storage tank removals. No site condition is too challenging, from structural considerations to dewatering to contaminated material management and disposal.

It’s critical to work with an experienced company that understands the proper UST removal steps and procedures in order to mitigate a petroleum release into the environment and reduce your liability:

  1. Notify and obtain Dig Safe clearance;
  2. Coordinate with local authorities for proper permitting;
  3. Empty tank of all residual product and enter and clean the tank to appropriate disposal standards;
  4. Carefully excavate to tank top and remove all tank top appurtenances and product, fill, and vent piping;
  5. Hoist tank from ground and transport to a licensed tank disposal facility;
  6. Collect soil and groundwater samples if applicable from tank grave to screen for environmental petroleum release;
  7. Backfill hole utilizing appropriate materials and compaction techniques;
  8. Provide applicable state-mandated UST closure report prepared by licensed environmental specialist;
  9. Restore site with concrete, asphalt, or loam and seed and demobilize.

Lastly, some underground storage tanks qualify for permanent “closure-in-place” based on structural considerations like undermining of existing buildings or proximity to critical utility lines.

Call today (781-245-3305) to speak with a specialist regarding your UST removal project.