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Aboveground Storage Tank Installation

Not many people know that Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919 is what sparked Massachusetts to regulate Aboveground Storage Tanks storing anything other than water. You don’t see too many molasses storage tanks any more, but there are many uses for an aboveground storage tank. Petroleum Management Services specializes in tanks that store oil/gasoline to provide fuel for heat, manufacturing, machinery, vehicles and backup generators. Petroleum Management Services offers efficient and professional aboveground storage tank installation.

Since most storage tanks store petroleum products such as motor fuels, lubricants and used oils, it is critical that these tanks are installed correctly. If an oil leak occurs, ground water could become contaminated leading to huge costs and major environmental issues. Aboveground storage tanks should always be installed in areas that are of minimal risk and allow adequate protection to avoid damage.

Our expert team has been trained and certified to ensure safe storage tank installation. Whether the storage tank is being used at a hospital, industrial plant, or municipality, we know how to take action. You can trust that Petroleum Management will complete the task in a safe and efficient manner, while meeting or exceeding the safety guidelines of local, state and federal regulations.

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