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Fuel Analysis and Treatment

Fuel analysis was first used after World War II as a preventative measure by the United States Railroad to monitor the condition of its train’s engines and engine components. It proved to be a vital tool in maintaining the locomotives. Through extensive analysis of used oils, the practice found sm

UST A/B Tank Inspections

We are Certified UST A/B Operators here at Petroleum Management Services (PMSI). What does that mean to you?  The definition of A/B Operators, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is as follows: A class A operator may be the owner/operator, an employee or a contrac

Underground Storage Tank Repairs and Upgrades

There are over 1 million USTs in the United States containing petroleum products or other hazardous materials. Even with all the new technology and regulations created to avoid dangers of leaking tanks, proper maintenance is crucial to reduce the risk of future leaks.  With 50% of the American

Generator Day Tank Services

An emergency generator is only good if it works at the moment you need it. Many rely heavily on generators; hospitals, municipalities and universities to name a few. An important element to an emergency generator is a dependable fuel supply. PMSI provides services for the installation, maintenanc

Fuel Tank Cleaning

It’s common knowledge that an oil change in your car is one of the most important preventative measures one can take to ensure a well running engine. It keeps the sludge from building up. The clean oil keeps the motors running smoothly. Over all, regular maintenance ensures a longer lasting machin

Aboveground Storage Tank Installation

Not many people know that Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919 is what sparked Massachusetts to regulate Aboveground Storage Tanks storing anything other than water. You don’t see too many molasses storage tanks any more, but there are many uses for an aboveground storage tank. Petroleum Manage

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