Introducing Bullfrog Environmental Solutions

Introducing Bullfrog Environmental Solutions

Owen Company Announcement

Petroleum Management Services (“Petroman”) is proud to announce the formation of Bullfrog Environmental Solutions (“Bullfrog”), an MA-licensed hazardous waste transporter specializing in petroleum products and other chemicals.

Bullfrog’s mission is to provide an alternative to the consolidated industrial waste management titans.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petroman, Bullfrog has been in the business by extension for over 30 years. By bringing this line of service back in-house, we are now able to offer a truly turn-key set of environmental solutions alongside our existing mechanical contracting and regulatory compliance businesses.

Our responsive and experienced team and specialized resources are standing by to assist with your transportation and disposal needs, from oily water and solids to chemicals and beyond.

The Bullfrog name was carefully selected by our President and former Navy SEAL, Owen Hughes. SEALs, commonly referred to as “Frogmen”, work in small teams and are renowned for their teamwork, skill, and attention to detail in handling dangerous situations. These key attributes are ingrained in our culture and inform the way we partner with clients to safely transport and dispose of hazardous waste streams.

Give us a call today to discuss your next project or design a customized pick-up schedule that takes some of the compliance and storage burden off your facilities team.