Public Support for Recycled Water in California

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Public Support for Recycled Water in California

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XylemAccording to a statewide survey conducted by Xylem Inc., 76% of respondents think recycled water should be used as a long term solution to California’s drought problems. The definition of recycled water, according to the survey, is wastewater that has been treated and purified so it can be used as drinking water.

“With overwhelming support from the public, California is well-positioned to lead the U.S. in accelerating the availability and acceptance of recycled water.  The state has the opportunity to champion a flexible framework that recognizes the unique needs of local communities as they work to establish water resource strategies that include sustainable solutions, such as recycled water.” – Joseph Vesey, Xylem Senior Vice President.

Their findings also included that 88% would feel more comfortable seeing a demonstration of the water purification process. Making a strong argument that education on the topic would be an important factor in receiving even stronger support for recycled water.

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