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What Is a Generator Day Tank?

Owen Tank Services

Emergency generators and their fueling systems are critical to life safety for hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.Generator day tanks are akin to diesel first responders, providing that critical first sip of fuel to fire up the engines and keep power running for a few hours in t

Convault Tank Maintenance Considerations for New England

Margot Tank Services

Here in New England, flat-top concrete Convault tanks face the same debris and snow accumulation challenges as industrial rubber roofs. Convaults should be pressure washed, sealed, and re-painted every 3-5 years. This service will help you stay ahead of and repair cracks to prevent water intrusio

Public Support for Recycled Water in California

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According to a statewide survey conducted by Xylem Inc., 76% of respondents think recycled water should be used as a long term solution to California's drought problems. The definition of recycled water, according to the survey, is wastewater that has been treated and purified so it can be used as d

Controlled Explosions in the Commonwealth

Margot Tank Services

In the state of Massachusetts, there is a niche business of Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal. Companies in the Commonwealth take on a great responsibility of safely packing hazardous materials and bringing them to facilities where they are properly contained and disposed of. It's a dirty

Can the Desalination of Ocean Water Quench our Thirst?

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By Margot Shellgren I had a college professor who loved to discuss ideas on how to "save the world".  One memorable topic was, how can we make hydrogen fueled cars safe for the environment? Desalinating ocean water was one of our ideas. Breaking down the ocean water into its elements; salt, oxyg

What has the Department of Environmental Protection done for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2014?

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Every year the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) composes a list of their accomplishments, so the tax payers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can see what efforts are being made.  Some of the topics that we found particularly intriguing are; “ The growth of Solar Ener

Oil Tank Removal VS. Oil Tank Abandonment

Margot News, Tank Services

How do you heat your home? If you use oil to heat your home, you most likely have a large oil tank sitting in your basement, known as an aboveground storage tank (AST). While not common, some homeowners source their fuel for home heating through an underground storage tank (UST), which sits hidden i

New UST Regulations

Margot News, Tank Services

As of January 2, 2015 UST Regulations have been changed in Massachusetts.  Among this transition, the MassDEP has included federal requirements and constructed new provisions to ensure UST systems are correctly installed & maintained.   To Get the Full Report, Click Here.