When should oil tanks be replaced or removed?

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When should oil tanks be replaced or removed?

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Did you know that 50% of the US population relies on groundwater as its source of fresh drinking water? This is why regulations on underground storage tanks (USTs) are detailed and strict. A responsibly managed UST poses no threat to the environment.  As of September 30, 2014, there are 3,840 active UST Facilities in Massachusetts, meaning they are “in use” or “temporarily out of service”. Of those facilities inspected there was only a 29% compliance rate. That number has risen from the 22% compliance rate recorded the previous year. Currently the Mass DEP has finalized its Underground Storage Tank Requirements. The Department of Fire Services is no longer responsible for the Commonwealth’s UST program, but rather the Department of Environmental Protection, which is bringing along some changes. One topic that needs to be addressed is, when do I need to have an oil tank removed or replaced in Massachusetts?

If you currently have a compliant single walled regulated underground storage tank, it must be removed and replaced with a double walled UST by August 17, 2017. If a UST system no longer holds any regulated substance but is not being removed that system must be taken temporarily out of service. UST systems can remain temporarily out of service for 5 years until they need to be removed or permanently closed. It is also important to note that no tank shall be permanently closed in its place unless it is located under a building, or it cannot be removed without endangering the structural integrity of another UST system structure, underground piping or utilities.

For more information regarding the new regulations be sure to visit the MA DEP Website:


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