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The Cheshire Medical Center Testimonial

Dear Bob,

The replacement of our 2-10,000 gallon boiler fuel oil tanks, 5,000 gallon emergency generator and abandoned 1,000 gallon fuel tank at our Day Care Center presented some unique budget and logistical problems for me in an already busy facility construction schedule. The removal of the two largest tanks required our receiving area to be relocated, our Day Care program ( including napping children) could not be impacted, and the whole project was over-budget. Petroleum Management worked closely with me through all of these issues and I am very pleased with the quality of the installation. Your organization was very professional and offered a number of improvement concepts. I grew to trust their ideas and motives, ( and I must admit that my trust does not come naturally or easily.)

Feel free to use my name as a reference for future work.


Steve Cutter

Director of Engineering Services

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