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Severance Trucking Co., Inc. Testimonial

Dear Bob,

My brothers and I want to thank you for the excellent job you did removing our two old diesel tank and installing the new above-ground tank.

Your crew was a joy with which to work. The work was done quickly, neatly, and efficiently. Late afternoon is the busiest time of the day at Severance. Each day prior to our trucks returning to our terminal, your crew has the work area cleaned up; the work area was roped off; and the crew was off the site and out of our way. Your staff worked around the Severance schedule.

We had been dreading having these tanks removed because of the nightmare created by a previous vendor, who removed the other tanks. Your entire staff was patient with all of us at Severance. We felt as though everyone at Petroleum Management held our hands and calmed our fears as we went through the process. We were especially impressed with the way you handled the affairs with the Woburn City Officials.

Very truly yours,

Kathryn Boyd


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