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Dear Bob,

We recently selected your company to remove and replace underground storage tanks at several locations for Saint Luke’s Hospital. Specifically, the project included removal and replacement of two 5,000 gallon diesel tanks and removal and replacement of one 20,000 gallon #6 oil tank. We added the removal of a 15,000 gallon tank and the abandonment of an 8,000 gallon tank to the original scope of work. We viewed this project with considerable apprehension because of our limited knowledge of what to expect and the resulting liability that delays would have on other hospital projects.

Our apprehensions were confirmed as a variety of unexpected problems arose that greatly added to the projects complexity. Contaminated soil was discovered at several locations including the site of an ongoing hospital expansion project. A mixture of oil and sand filled a tank that we intended to abandon and threatened to delay the pending sale of the property. Underground ledge made excavation difficult at another location.

In each instance, you kept the project on schedule by applying your expertise in a timely and cost effective manor. You proved to be extremely knowledgeable, accessible, and capable of handling simultaneous projects. You insisted on handling problems properly. Your company showed a willingness to go above and beyond the normal scope of work. All your employees were extremely cooperative throughout. Despite the many setbacks, complications and unknowns, your company completed the project on schedule and on budget. For these reasons, I would highly recommend you to any other hospital or company planning similar projects.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Peters


Engineering & Maintenance

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