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Residential Oil Tank Installation & Removal

If you’ve spent a winter in New England, then you know how cold and raw the weather can be.  When that cold weather hits, having a fuel storage that is ready for immediate use is extremely important.  We offer both aboveground and underground tank installation and services. Our trained technicians will install an aboveground tank in your basement, outdoors or in a tank enclosure.

Whether you are replacing an old tank with a new one, installing a new tank in your new home or having one removed due to a conversion, we have you covered. We adhere to all requirements provided by the National Fire Protection Association as well as local Fire Prevention. This includes oil line protection for the fuel lines and anti-leak devices. During the removal process, we meet all state and local codes and pump out all remaining fuel and sludge in your tank. The oil lines and vent pipes will be removed and the openings where pipes were located and sealed, if a new tank is not being installed.

For over 20 years, PMSI has been installing and replacing oil tanks in residences in the Greater Boston area as well as New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Give us a call for your consultation today.

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