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Lawrence, MA – Tank Removal & Installation

Located on the Merrimack River, Lawrence was the epicenter for the textile industry in the 1800’s. It was common that the textile mills were unsafe and after the collapse of the Pemberton Mill, killing 145 workers, Lawrence became the stage for the infamous Bread and Roses Strike. This strike paved the way for the union movement, changing the way America does business today. Like most industrial cities, after WWII Lawrence suffered an industrial decline. Despite efforts to revitalize the city, for years Lawrence suffered from violent crime and arson. In 2004 the violent crime rate dropped significantly, allowing for a large investment in converting the cities old mills into residential condos.

Lawrence is rich in culture and is home to immigrants from all over the world. Home to Lawrence General Hospital, Cambridge College and Suffolk University, Lawrence has made leaps in rebounding from their decline.

Petroleum Management Services, is proud to serve the community of Lawrence. We have been assisting the hospitals, and universities in this city with their tank maintenance needs for over twenty years. For more information on tank maintenance and tank inspections, contact us today at 781-245-3305.

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