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Burlington, MA Tank Installations and Removals

The suburban town of Burlington is located in the heart of Middlesex County. In its history, Burlington was an agricultural town supplying the city of Boston with hops and rye. The construction of Rt. 128 dramatically altered the town and its development. In five years, the town tripled its populations and commercial retail. Burlington has multiple shopping centers, parks, fields and conservation areas, making the town popular among locals for entertainment. With the Burlington Mall and the newest shopping center, including a bowling alley and a brand new Wegman’s, Burlington remains one of the region’s most bustling communities.

Petroleum Management has been providing our tank inspection and pump out services to the community of Burlington and its residents since 1992. With tank inspection regulations changing, our sister company Lighthouse Environmental can provide compliance consultation to keep your storage tank in compliance with state and federal regulations. For more information on our services, call us today, 781-245-3305.

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