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Bellingham, MA – Tank Installation & Removal

On the southern bank of the Charles River lies the town of Bellingham. It was incorporated in 1719, even after much debate over whether the land was even livable, due to its marshy landscape. During the Revolutionary War, Bellingham was home to Deborah Sampson. Noted as the first American female soldier. She dressed as a man to fight the British. Originally named Westham or West Dedham, Bellingham didn’t take on its current name until after incorporation.  The town is bordered by Medway, Franklin, Wrentham and Woonsocket, RI. The town of Bellingham was a quiet residential town. In 1993, Walmart was opened on the southern part of I495. After its success, the town’s commerce experienced a large boom and is still growing today.

Petroleum Management has serviced the town of Bellingham and its residents for over 20 years. We have assisted our clients with tank cleanings, and maintenance for both residents and corporate clients alike. For more information on our tank maintenance and tank cleaning services please contact us today!

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