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Amesbury, MA UST Tank Inspections

Located on the left bank of the Merrimack River, Amesbury had a hard beginning. Amesbury took a long time to originally settle after many failed attempts due to, imprisonment, illness and rebellion. It started out as a farming community and developed into an industrial economy. Ship building, shipping and fishing were important to the economy. In the 19th century textile mills began to flourish as well as manufacturing of nails and hats.  Once famous for building carriages, Amesbury evolved and manufactured automobile frames until the Great Depression. In 1996 Amesbury changed from a town to a city and is now a mainly residential community with beautiful architecture, culture and a booming down town. Many of its points of interest include Alliance Park, Bartlett Museum and Lowell Boatshop. Amesbury is a beautiful city nestled on the Northshore.

Petroleum Management Services has been serving Amesbury with its tank maintenance needs for over 2 decades. We are proud to assist residents, companies and the township with our services including cathodic testing and regulated tank inspections. For more information on any of our tank maintenance services call us at 781-245-3305.

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