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Adams, MA – A/B Tank Inspections & Tank Installation

Adams was incorporated in 1778, and named after one of America’s founding fathers, Samuel Adams. The town was a farming town, until the early 1800’s when farmers moved to find better soil. The town flourished when the textile industry began to take hold on the United States. Adams’ new textile mills nearly doubled the town’s population.  The town is also known for being home to Susan B Anthony, a pivotal person in the woman’s suffrage movement. Her childhood home is now a museum. Adams is now a beautiful tourist town. Located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, it centers around its natural scenery and is home to Mount Greylock State Reservation.

Petroleum Management Services Inc. is proud to provide services to the great town of Adams. From tank installations and tank removals to cathodic protection equipment and testing, we serve the community and its residents. For information on our tank services call 781-245-3305.

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