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Environmental Compliance Testing

Since 1992, Petroleum Management Services Inc. has worked diligently to earn the trust of our clients. In addition to our UST & AST installations and removals. We assist local municipalities, universities, utilities and hospitals with keeping their tank systems in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

We offer a wide variety of compliance testing services and we work diligently to assist you in keeping up with your tank’s maintenance and inspection schedule.

Check out our services and call us at 781-245-3305 to detail your tank maintenance schedule.


◊ Monthly A/B Visual Inspections
◊ Generator Tank Inspections

◊ Mass DEP 3rd Party Inspections ( TPI )
◊ Non Regulated Tank Inspections

◊ Stage 1 Vapor Recovery Testing
◊ Tank Tightness Testing

◊ Cathodic Protection Testing
◊ Annual Tank Gauge Inspection & Certification (ATG) 

◊ Hydrostatic Testing & Certification of Spill Boxes & Sumps
◊ C-Operator Training

◊ Fuel Sampling & Analysis
◊ Fuel Treatment Services

◊ AST INspections ( Regulated over 10,000 Gal)
◊ Tank Pumpouts and Cleaning